What's the number one rule of farming?
Tuesday with Tom

What’s the number one rule of farming? Let’s talk about it on Tuesday with Tom.

The other day on my Instagram stories I asked you what the number one rule of farming was you all delivered with lots of answers. But, let’s get Tom’s opinion. 

Let’s be honest, Tom was not very thrilled today, but I had to remind him it is Tuesday, and he is Tom so he needs to prepare himself. 

We will heckle Tom a little later, but we’ve got some chores to do. I have a few bottle calves to feed. There’s three of them and I wish it were zero but whatever, at least they’re cute.

I had quite the audience while I was feeding calves this morning. The cows behind me are just on their way back from the milking parlor. We milk our cows three times a day. It takes about five minutes to milk a cow and then after that she moseys back to the barn and just hangs out and does cow things like eat, drink, lay down and chew their cud.

I picked the kiddos up from school so we hopped in the side by side because it is sxs and crazy hair weather, but we are on the lookout for a set of twins that were born. Tom told us there were some twins and obviously my twins want to go see the (cattle) twins. Sage decided to name her twin Rose and Lane named his Nose – lol. 

It’s the afternoon and Tom finally decided his number one rule of farming – don’t bother him when he’s busy. It’s not like I do that anyway, Tom.