My Modern-day Farm life in the news

Sometimes I share my story in other publications. I truly believe that working with others helps expand our opportunity to share our farm story and connect with consumers. Check out some of my features below!

Wisconsin dairy farm couple in front of cows on the farm

Sharing our story online is important because people are further away from the farm. This story shares about how I got started in ag-vocating and how I encourage others to share their farm story to bridge the gap from farm to table. 

Annaliese Wegner - Modern Day Farm Chick in free stall barn

Did you know I got started sharing my farm story by first sharing with my grandma? My advocacy journey has grown since that conversation and I now share on Instagram, Facebook and more. Thank you for being here and experiencing my Modern Day Farm Life.

Annaliese Wegner - Modern Day Farm Chick - Wisconsin Dairy Farmer

I sat down with my friend Amanda Radke to join her on her Radke Report and discuss all things farm mom life, sharing our stories, and how beef and dairy play a role in a healthy diet! Amanda is a rancher in South Dakota and I shared a photo for her children’s book!

Annaliese Wegner - Modern Day Farm Chick - Advocate for Agriculture

I know I sound like a broken record when I say this.. but we need to share our farm story! I partnered with Progressive Dairy to share my top tips on sharing your farm story. And news flash – sharing your farm story today will help protect your business tomorrow. 

Annaliese Wegner + Lane preparing colostrum

Part of Modern Day Farm Life includes having littles following you around the farm. As farmers, we know farming can be dangerous and safety precautions need to be put into place. Here are some ideas and a checklist to help you with farm safety for your kids!

Annaliese Wegner - Modern Day Farm Chick - Wisconsin Dairy Farmer standing in front of calf hutches

I spoke with Progressive Dairy to chat all things sharing my Modern Day Farm Life on social media. I shared how I got started on social media, what I did to build a following and what I’ve learned and experienced from ag-vocating on social media. 

Modern Day Farm Chick by Annaliese Wegner - Annaliese in Freestall Barn

2020 was a weird year – we all know that. But regardless of what was going on in the world there was so much to be thankful for in 2020. I shared with Progessive Dairy 10 reasons I was thankful to be a farmer during that year (and truthfully – every year). 

Annaliese Wegner carrying buckets in the barn

Whether you milk 100 or 1,000 cows, it’s likely you’ve dealt with an employee or two. I’m sure you’ve had some great workers – but I’m also sure you’ve had a bad apple. The question is “how do we create & maintain good employees?” – check out my advice! 

Annaliese Wegner - Modern Day Farm Chick - Feeding Calves - Content Creation

Modern Day Farm Chicks are redefining the role of women on the farm. It’s not just about diapers and dishes for us. We’re caring for calves, driving tractors and other chores. I wrote a poem to share what farmHERs do and explain our responsibilities!