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The Retreat

Ever feel like your meant for more? 

Are you craving connection, clarity and courage? 

Ready to fill your own cup and figure out how you can best serve your family, your farm and agriculture?

This weekend of self-development will give you the tools to be the best version of yourself. 

You will discover your uniqueness and figure out how to use it to serve others.  You will figure out what serves you, what doesn’t and where your true passion lies. 

When I say you will leave with tools to make you a well-rounded bad-ass, it is no joke.

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March 7 - 10, 2024
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Join us for a weekend of personal growth centered on helping you discover your uniqueness and find your place as a modern-day farm chick.

Price: $1,750 – lodging, meals, coaching and workbook are all included.

*One meal will be had at a restaurant that will need to be paid for personally.

Have a friend you want to attend the retreat with?  Receive a discounted price of $1,500 each if you and a friend want to share a queen size bed.

What to Expect

This retreat is designed to help you find your uniqueness and use it to serve others. You will experience a weekend of self-development and obtain tools that will help you to be the best versions of yourself so that you can better serve your family, your farm and agriculture.

You will discover what serves you, what doesn’t and where your true passion lies.

  • Meet + Greet with appetizers and drinks
  • Breakfast followed by morning movement and mindfulness
  • Woo + Work led by Allison
  • Lunch specially prepared to fuel our bodies
  • 1:1 mentorship with retreat coaches
  • Dinner, movement and reflection
  • Drinks around the fire, weather permitting
  • Breakfast followed by morning movement and mindfulness
  • Get Your Goals with Annaliese
  • Marketing + Branding session with Emily
  • Fuel to Function with Kennedy
  • Finance Freedom with Christina
  • Group mastermind session
  • Individual professional photoshoot
  • Dinner at a local restaurant
  • Breakfast followed by morning movement and mindfulness
  • Final group mastermind + action plan development

meet Your Coaches

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Allison Rykken

I’m Allison Rykken and I am so excited to be leading heart day on this retreat! To me, every day is heart day. Supporting people to find their purpose and joy in this life is my purpose and my joy. 

I am a Spiritual Director (MAL), Licensed Social Worker (BSW), Community Care Steward, and most importantly, Mom to two wild ones.

I hold sacred space for seeking about Life, Spirit, and Purpose through individual spiritual direction, retreats, and community care.

In this retreat, I will lead daily mindfulness practices and teach self care, along with leading the group in a heart-centered day. I will support you to see the beauty and power in your personal story, and help you pinpoint your “why”, so that you have a solid foundation to launch your passions and work from. 

My background in social work and spiritual direction will create a safe space for you to be you.

Guest Blogging

Annaliese Wegner

Annaliese Wegner, your host. 

I’m a farmer, agvocate, speaker, mother and entrepreneur from Wisconsin. 

Through my personal journey from full-time farmer to part-time farmer and full-time butt-wiper, I’ve found my place as a modern-day farm chick on our family farm – and now share my story to help you realize that you don’t have to fit a mold. 

I feel like I have found my place and space within my family farm and agriculture. I know what serves me and what doesn’t. I have found alignment and it’s feels pretty good over here. Now I want to help other rural woman find that place and space.

I will help you figure out how to use your purpose + passion to serve others.  You will learn to share your story in your own way + set goals that are achievable.

My role in this retreat is designed to help you find your uniqueness and exploit it for the service of others. It’s all about finding YOUR modern-day farm chick. Welcome, friend.


Kennedy Youngren

I’m Kennedy Youngren, MS RDN LD – a dietitian, a farmer’s wife, a first time mama, and agvocate, and quite a few things more.

I didn’t grow up in agriculture but grew up in a small farming town in central MN. I met a sweet farm boy in 2016 and fast-forward a few years and we are now married and have the the sweetest little cowkid, Ada James. 

My background really lies heavy in sports nutrition and eating disorders. I’ve got a master degree in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition & it helps me do my job daily – teaching our important people in agriculture, how to fuel themselves like “an athlete” so they can fuel the world a little better, too. 

I’m excited to join the retreat to help you learn to fuel your body – increasing your energy, boosting immunity, improving your sleep and much more. You’ll walk away from our session with all the information you need to feed yourself and your family, while feeding the world.


Christina Asmus

I’m Christina Asmus – a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Accredited Portfolio Manager, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. My passion for personal growth and connecting with others is what drives me to help individuals and families manage their finances with ease.

As a CFP, I ensure clients receive personalized financial advice and services that fit their unique situation. I believes that financial planning should be a collaborative effort, where clients are empowered to take control of their finances and achieve their goals.

In addition to financial expertise, I’m passionate about seeing people succeed. I’m dedicated to helping clients build a solid financial foundation that supports their personal growth and success.

With Christina’s guidance, you can feel confident in your financial decisions and focus on what matters most to you.



I’m Emily – a social media marketer by day, and farmer and rural-ish gal by night (and every other hour I can fit these into). I went to the University of Wisconsin – Madison and studied Animal Science and Life Sciences Communication – the perfect intersection between the agriculture and creative sides of my brain. I currently own a marketing business, EE Brands, as well as sell beef direct-to-consumer and help when and where I can on the farm. 

I nerd out over social media and marketing strategy and could spend hours talking about it. Luckily, during the retreat I’ll get to do just that with all of you. 

One of the things that lights my soul on fire the most is helping rural and small business women find alignment and build strategy to reach their personal or business goals. Whether it’s discussing social media strategy, masterminding your next big business idea or helping you identify how to get yourself back into alignment – I’m your gal.

Where We'll Stay

We have booked a private air bnb for us to use throughout the weekend just outside of the Wisconsin Dells. This tranquil location will offer us outdoor space to rejuvenate our souls, as well as plenty of space inside for us to get to work. 

I hope to see you there <3