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I’m Annaliese.

A born and raised dairy farmer who spends her days chasing calves and kids. I farm in Wisconsin with my husband, his parents and our young twins.

I’m proud of the community I’ve built through social media and the content I share. I share my farm story to connect people to their food and the farmers that grow it. I am here to prove that farm women don’t have to fit a mold and encourage them to share their unique farm story.

They are women, like me, who are busy raising kids on the farm, cooking, pursuing their passions and maintaining a sense of self. My community has helped me feel connected when farm life has me isolated.

I have built a wonderful community of mostly women who truly appreciate the rural lifestyle.

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Annaliese Wegner - Modern Day Farm Chick - Advocate for Agriculture
Annaliese Wegner - Modern Day Farm Life - Wisconsin Dairy Farm Family
Annaliese Wegner - Modern Day Farm Chick - Wisconsin Dairy Farmer - Speaking Events

Audience Details

The majority of my audience are fellow farmers, ranchers and agricultural enthusiasts. They live and love the rural lifestyle – just like me.

  • 82% are female
  • Primarily age 25 – 35 
  • 50.9K  Instagram followers
  • 128K Facebook Followers
  • 4K email subscribers

Are you interested in collaborating?

I would love to partner with you. I pride myself in how I write, tell stories, and create beautiful, engaging content. I’d love to put my skills to work to promote your product, event or brand.

Here's How we can Collab

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Creating engaging and eye-catching content is something I pride myself on. I enjoy creating high-quality content with brands I know and trust because my audience values my opinion. If you think your brand and I would be a good fit, please reach out.

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Ever feel like you don’t fit in? Like, you’re involved in agriculture but also have a life outside it. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to fit inside a box. Through my personal journey from full-time farmer to full-time butt wiper and everything in between, I show you what it means to be a modern-day farm chick. This keynote speech inspires you to be unapologetically yourself and share your unique story.

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Do you feel like you’re made for more? You crave connection, clarity and courage, but don’t know where to start? My workshop will you identify your uniqueness and show you how to exploit it for the service of others. You will discover what serves you, what doesn’t and where your true passion lies. 

Featured Collaborations

I have worked with several fantastic consumer-focused and farm-centric brands, sharing their product, event or brand story with my social community. Throughout these partnerships, I’ve created photos, videos, affiliate programs and more to connect and share.

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