Farm Fun: Taking
Our Heifers to the
Heifer Grower

Today’s farm fun is taking our heifers to the heifer grower. 

Every farm is different. 🫶🏻
Fun farm fact: we don’t raise our own heifers. On our farm, calves leave our farm around 3 months old and are raised by another family farm. They return to us when they are around two years old and ready to give birth.
It’s what works best for our farm, the land and number of employees we have.
The twins have learned how to “act like a gate” and help me move the heifers. It’s nice having them be able to help me!
Before we send the heifers we vaccinate them and make sure they each have two ear tags.
Help me and the twins get a load of calves ready to head to the grower’s!
At the heifer growers they take care of them, breed them and then send them back to us when they’re ready to give birth. Before the heifer grower gets here we move all the calves from their smaller group pens into one pen and they will back the trailer up for us to load them up. Everyone has their own place and position!
When we get them all in the pen we head to the computer and make a list of each heifer that is going to the growers with their ID and what their birth date is. 
Thanks for tagging along with us!