My Must-Have Food

Let’s do a fridge tour! Here are my must-have food that you can basically always find in my fridge (helloooo dairy) as well as some ingredients I need this week. I love snooping in people’s fridges. I think you can tell a lot about someone based upon what they keep in there.

I’ll show you my fridge if you show me yours!  I just went grocery shopping and restocked the fridge, so I’m going to give you a little tour.  First up: milk. The kids love chocolate milk and I love FairLife because it is ultra-filtered for more protein and less sugar. It’s also lactose-free, so if you’re lactose intolerant it’s a great option.  Then 2% milk. I just buy generic milk because milk is milk. There’s no wrong choice in the dairy case. And for us 2% is just a compromise because Tom likes Whole Milk and I grew up on 1%.  Moving on we’ve got cottage cheese which is always a great lunch for the kids, sour cream and then Greek yogurt. We eat a whole mess of Greek yogurt here. The Light + Fit Vanilla Greek Yogurt from Dannon is my favorite. There is so much protein! I got some greens and I don’t normally buy organic but this is what they had for what I like so it’s what I got. Then we have some romaine lettuce and other veggies including peppers, asparagus and cucumbers (the kids love these and I do too – especially for salads). We’re probably going to do kabobs or fajitas this week so all the veggies for that.  In our fruit drawer we always have plenty of berries and plenty of apples – we love apples and peanut butter, it’s a necessity.  Onto the cheese drawer. Are you even from Wisconsin if you don’t have a cheese drawer?! I have deli meat, sliced cheese, pre-shredded cheese and some cheese to shred myself. I’ve also got some Kefir which I’m learning to love. It has so many good-for-you probiotics and I add it to my smoothies.  I have yogurt dressings from Bolthouse. I’m a big fan of these and Cilantro Avocado and Honey Mustard are my two favorite kinds. I also have heavy whipping cream because the best scrambled eggs are made with whipping cream.  And that’s it! What are the must-haves in your fridge?!