farm + Grow -
Brand Builder

Ready to share your farm story and find your place as a modern-day farm chick? Then you need Farm + Grow – Brand Builder.

Friend, you have a story to share and I want to help you tell it. 

I started sharing my farm story online years ago in an effort to help bridge the gap from farm to table, but this isn’t a job I can do alone.  I am a firm believer that everyone involved in agriculture has a unique perspective and needs to tell their story.   

Look, the way I share about agriculture might not resonate with someone, but the way share it can.  If you have ever thought, “What difference will I make?” or “Someone else is already doing this and doing it better, why bother?”, well then I am glad you are reading this. 

You can make a difference! 

Farm + Grow - Brand Builder

Want to level up when it comes to sharing your farm story? Then you need the Farm + Grow – Brand Builder workbook. This workbook will walk you through my step-by-step guide to become an advocate. It’s the same workbook I guide my Farm + Grow – The Retreat attendees through and you can go through it on your own time. This downloadable workbook will provide guidance and community on your journey to becoming an ag-vocate – whether it’s working with elected officials, hosting farm tours or sharing online. This workbook will help you ag-vocate in the way that works best for you.

What’s included:

  • Downloadable e-guide that will bring you courage, clarity, inspiration and purpose; a foundation to share your story; and a way that works for you to advocate for agriculture

Want to take it up a level?  Schedule a 1:1 call with Annaliese where you will receive guidance on how to effectively share your story. 

This hour long call will give you clarity, tips and a chance to ask questions and dive deeper.  You will also receive a social media audit.  $399

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