Howdy - I'm Annaliese.
Welcome to my modern-day farm life.

I’m a Wisconsin girl, dairy farmer, twin mom and wife. I’m a real modern-day farmHER and mother sharing my modern-day farm life on social media. I enjoy cooking, eating, drinking (I love me a Whiskey Wednesday), laughing and hosting. I share our farm life to showcase the beauty behind our lifestyle.

Sharing our farm story is not only important for consumers. but it’s important for farmers to be able to continue the lifestyle we hold so dearly in our hearts. 

After becoming a mom, my role on the farm changed. I went from a full-time farmer to a full-time butt wiper and part-time farmer. I felt like I had “lost” my place on the farm, but really it was just evolving. 

Whether you’re a fellow mom curious about the food you’re feeding your family, or a fellow farmer wanting to advocate for agriculture, I’m glad you’re here. As I share my modern-day farm life, I want you to know your farmers. I want you to feel confident in purchasing products produced by myself and my fellow farmers. And, I inspire my fellow farmers to share their story. 

Annaliese Wegner - Modern Day Farm Chick - Wisconsin Dairy Farmer

That's why I started the Farm + Grow Co, a Community FOcused on Encouraging Fellow Farmers to Share their Farm Story

Annaliese Wegner - Modern Day Farm Chick - Advocate for Agriculture

As a farmer, I recognize that consumers are getting more distant from agriculture every day. 

I share my farm story to bridge the gap, and encourage fellow farmers to do the same. I began sharing my farm story after a conversation with my grandma. My maternal grandparents are slightly removed from agriculture, so I would share different articles about dairy with them to keep them up to date on all the dairy shenanigans.

After reading one of the articles, my grandma praised the article and how well written it was. Except, I didn’t write it. I quickly corrected her, but it got me thinking. I could do it. I could share my farm story online. Sure, there were other farmers sharing their story, but there’s also space for me.

Dairy farming is in my blood. I have been involved in the dairy community my entire life. It’s more than a job – it’s a way of life.

I was born into a dairy farming family and at a young age, my sisters and I were on the farm caring for our family’s animals. I learned so many valuable life lessons I hope to pass onto my children and grandchildren.

After my start on the farm, I studied Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, where I was a member of the dairy club. While attending several dairy club events, I met my husband, Tom. Some might call our love story a fairy tale and others, well they might not. I’ll let you decide 😉

Wisconsin dairy farm couple in front of cows on the farm
Wisconsin dairy farm family walking on their farm

And the rest is history..

Throughout my first several months at UW-River Falls, we continued to have random encounters. In the fall of 2007, we both attended ADSA (which, if you’re a dairy club kid you know what happens at ADSA, stays at ADSA). We downed several shots together and as they say, the rest is history. As we graduated college, our love story continued to develop and I moved with him to his family farm. 

Now, Tom and I farm with his parents on Wegnerlann Dairy. Our family farm was established by my in-laws in 1986, and we are the second generation. We have progressively grown our farm to milk 650 cows, three times a day in a double parallel parlor. We all have full-time roles on the farm and are happiest on the farm with our family. We’re currently raising the third generation on the farm, our twins Lane and Sage.