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I don't know about you, but I freaking love food.

Like, I love it so much that basically all of my hobbies have to do with food – specifically cooking, eating and drinking. I’m no culinary expert, but cooking should be fun and relaxing. And, it can be so simple! You don’t need to overthink your recipes and just measure with you heart.

I often say, if you're not happy you're probably hungry.

I create simple, delicious recipes that are family-friendly and nutritious. The best part?  They’re make-ahead meals that make dinner time much less hectic. Whether you’re a busy farm mom prepping meals in between chores, or a mom balancing kids, a career and more – these meals are for you. I also occasionally use convenience foods, like frozen veggies and canned soup because ya know what? There’s nothing wrong with using them. They’re healthy and help me get a nutritious meal on the table for my family. 

Homemade meals aren't meant to be difficult -
cooking and eating should be balance of easy, nutritious and delicious.