farm + Grow -
The course

Ready to share your farm story and find your place as a modern-day farm chick? Then it’s time to join Farm + Grow – The Course. 

Everyone in agriculture has a story to share and with this course and 20-page workbook, you will be equipped to share your farm story in your own way.  We will tackle fears and objections and identify your goals and audience. You’ll walk away with the confidence you need to successfully promote agriculture.

What’s included:

  • The downloadable Farm + Grow workbook
  • Three small-group coaching sessions
  • An audit of your social media with suggestions to up your social channels
  • A group chat to inspire, ask questions and build community
Farm + Grow - The Course. Where I walk you through my tricks of the trade to become an ag-vocate today. This includes a workbook, coaching sessions and an audit of your social media channels.

Enrollment for The Course is currently closed.

Farm + Grow - The Workbook. Walk yourself through my Farm + Grow work book that I use to guide attendees of my Farm + Grow - The Course to begin their ag-vocacy journey.

Farm + Grow -
The Workbook

Want to level up when it comes to sharing your farm story? Then you need Farm + Grow – The Workbook. This workbook will walk you through my step-by-step guide to become an advocate. It’s the same workbook I guide my Farm + Grow – The Course attendees and you can go through it on your own time. This downloadable will provide guidance and community on your journey to becoming an ag-vocate – whether it’s working with elected officials, hosting farm tours or sharing online. This workbook will help you ag-vocate in the way that works best for you.

What’s included:

  • Downloadable e-guide that will bring you courage, clarity, inspiration and purpose; a foundation to share your story; and a way that works for you to advocate for agriculture

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